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Let’s Play gamer who commentates on his popular YouTube channel Northernlion. He has created web series by the names of Let’s Look At, Let’s Hate, Don’t Play This, Only in Korea, and Indie Game of the Week. Buy Northernlion Merch Here!

Northernlion Merch

About Northernlion Merch

Ryan Letourneau (born: November 28, 1988 [age 34]), better known online as Northernlion, is a Canadian YouTuber. Rising to prominence via Let’s Plays of indie games, his videos generally consist of gameplay while providing live commentary. Once identifying as a “Machinima Director and Let’s Player Extraordinaire”,Northernlion is a charismatic individual known for his distinctive voice and sharp wit, as well as his usage of a variety of puns, idioms, and references to pop culture.

Aside from his Let’s Plays, Northernlion has also made various video series, consisting of “Let’s Look at, “Let’s Hate”, “Don’t Play This”, “Only in Korea”, “Indie Game of the Week”, and “Poison Mushroom” series on Machinima, and hosts the Northernlion Live Super Show on Twitch.

Northernlion Personal Life

Northernlion is from in Kingston, Ontario. He went to Queens University. He started his YouTube account in 2006 for a school project. For about a year, Northernlion worked in Daegu in South Korea as an English as a second/foreign language teacher for children.He returned home to Canada on December 1, 2011. He was unemployed after returning home,but now makes money through YouTube, which he calls “a dream job”, and he once jokingly described himself as “funemployed”.On March 23, 2020, Northernlion and his wife, Kate LovelyMomo, announced that they were expecting their first child – a girl, Luna.[7] Luna was born on September 28, 2020.

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